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Code of Ethics

  1. Practice the ‘God-given’ healing power of nature which includes the use of natural diet & supplements, herbs, exercise, and other natural health methods and modalities.
  2. Practice “do no harm”.
  3. Maintain the highest standard of professional and personal conduct.
  4. Promise to abide by all state and local laws.
  5. Be ready to consult and seek the talents of other health professionals when needed.
  6. Do not practice beyond your scope of practice, either in ability or by law.
  7. Take a holistic approach and help the whole person; Spirit, Soul, and Body.
  8. Teach rather than treat.
  9. Be up to date on all information given to your client and continue your education.

Note: The IANHP does not endorse certain alternative health practices. Please contact us if you need further information or clarification.